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5 Tips to Less Sugar



Be Juice Smart

Choose 100% fruit juice, with no added sugar. Limit juice servings to 4oz or less for kids.


Skip the Soda

Drinking one can of soda a day can lead to gaining up to 15 pounds a year. Replace soda with water to help achieve a healthy weight.

 drink water

Drink Water

Water is zero calories, and free. Thirsty on the go? Keep a refillable water bottle with you.Try adding fresh fruit slices for flavor.


Know the Hidden Sugars

Added sugar has many names, like “Corn Syrup”, ” High Fructose Corn Syrup”, and “Fructose”. Check food labels and watch for hidden sugars.

 sports drinks

Avoid Sports Drinks

Sports drinks sound healthy but are loaded with added sugar. Refresh with water when doing sports.