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Healthy starts at home.

The culture at home should promote fun, healthy activities that bring families closer together. Sedentary lifestyles have people spending too many hours in front of the TV, computer or gaming screen; and unhealthy foods that are low cost and convenient do not provide the nourishment that can prevent disease and fight off infections.

All of our farmers markets accept SNAP and WIC benefits and at two of our markets [East and Sunset Valley] we’ll actually double the value of these benefits so that families can not only get the best, freshest, healthiest fruits and vegetables from their local farmers, but they can get twice as much. The Double Dollar Incentive Program is so important for our community because it does incentivize people to come that may have never visited before. Once they come and like it, they keep coming back.
—Andrew Smiley
, Deputy Director of the Sustainable Food Center

Local Success Story
-Read about how Shirlet started a walking group and changed lives, including her own.



Eating nutritious food is as important as eating the right amount of food. The average meal today is 4 times larger than what it was in the 50s. We’re not getting hungrier, we’re just eating more. Try some simple changes to reduce the amount you’re consuming but increase how much nutritious food you eat.


Drinking large amounts of sugar is one of the leading causes of obesity, especially in children. Sugar sweetened beverages like soda, fruit juices, energy drinks, and sweet teas are the one of the biggest problems because they are packed with sugar. Check out the facts and try some alternatives.


Getting active is important! Find out about great programs and resources that can help make physical activity part of your daily activity.


Visit our site at for free help to quit tobacco for good.


Learn more about diabetes prevention and management, and FREE diabetes classes and resources in our community.